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Company Profile

China. Liaoning Yingkou Xintian Special Minerals Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, a high-tech enterprise in Liaoning Province, producing and selling non-metallic mineral products and metallurgical refractories, import and export trade, the company has two magnesite mines and dolomite mines, modern Rotary kiln, mechanized shaft kiln and many other production lines, with magnesia carbon brick factory, crushing factory. The annual production of metallurgical charge and high temperature refractory materials is 150,000 tons. The main products are: metallurgical steelmaking charge, magnesia carbon brick, magnesia-calcium brick, electric furnace ramming material, gunning material, tundish ramming material, smear material, dry material , Hot repair material, molten steel refining agent, molten iron desulfurizer, slag iron separator, molten slag modifier. Refractory materials include: fused magnesia, magnesia sand, magnesia-calcium sand, metallurgical grade magnesia, olive sand, magnesia ball, magnesia carbon ball. Metallurgical magnesium oxide powder, electrical grade magnesium oxide powder, desulfurization grade magnesium oxide powder, building material grade magnesium oxide powder, agricultural grade magnesium oxide powder. The company's products have passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, the company's production quality standard certification, and the integrity AAA-level enterprise.

Yingkou Xintian special Minerals Co., Ltd

Contact: Manager Hou


Fax: 5283555

Customer Service: 0417-5289566


Address: Nanlou Development Zone, 

Dashiqiao City, Yingkou City


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