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Introduction to the calcining process and calcining equipment of synthetic magnesia-calcium sand

2021-08-06 16:19:35

The calcining process and calcining equipment of synthetic magnesia-calcium sand:

In order to make up for the shortcomings of natural refractory materials and meet the needs of refractory production, our country's refractory science and technology workers have developed a variety of synthetic refractory materials with excellent performance and put them into industrial production and application, achieving ideal results. At present, the synthetic refractory raw materials produced and used in our country mainly include: synthetic magnesia alumina spinel, synthetic magnesia chrome sand and synthetic magnesia calcium iron sand.

Synthetic magnesia-calcium iron sand is mainly used to produce high-power electric furnace bottom dry material. The raw materials for the production of synthetic magnesia-calcium iron sand include light burnt magnesia, light burnt marble, quicklime and iron oxide powder. The calcination process of synthetic magnesia-calcium iron sand includes: semi-dry briquetting coke shaft kiln calcination process, semi-dry briquetting tunnel kiln calcination process and dry briquetting rotary kiln calcination process.

1. Semi-dry pressing ball and coke shaft kiln calcination process

After weighing the lightly burned magnesia powder, lightly burned dolomite powder and iron oxide powder, they are added to the wheel mill according to the proportion, and then mixed with water to form a semi-dry material, and then sent to the ball press to be pressed into a ball, after drying , Sent to the shaft kiln with coke or anthracite as fuel for calcination. The calcination process is simple, the production cost is low, and the product is welcomed by users. Most of the synthetic magnesia calcium iron sand production enterprises in Liaoning Province of my country adopt this calcination process.

2. Semi-dry compaction and tunnel kiln calcination process

The light-burned magnesia, slaked lime and iron oxide powder are mixed according to a certain proportion, mixed and ground, added to a wheel mill and mixed with water, and then pressed into a brick on a friction press, and dried on the tunnel kiln car. Calcined in the tunnel kiln. A company in Shandong uses this process to calcinate synthetic magnesia-calcium-iron sand.

3. Dry ball pressing and rotary kiln calcining process

After mixing high-purity light-burned magnesia, high-purity light-burning dolomite and iron oxide powder in proportion, they are mixed and ground, dry pressed into balls on a high-pressure ball press, and then sent to a high-temperature rotary kiln for calcination.

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